Customer Guarantee

Man Repairing a air con machine — AC Repair in Independence, MO
C & S Furnace Company realizes that there’s a lot of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment being sold and installed every day. A lot of brown, gray and green boxes.
We don’t sell boxes! We sell heating and air conditioning equipment that delivers comfort to our customers. We are 100% committed to our trade! Heating and air conditioning is not a side line, or a side job to us. We take our customers’ comfort seriously. We want you as a customer, all your friends and family. We can’t expect that, nor do we deserve that, unless you are 100 % satisfied with our work.
The following is a list of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantees.
EQUIPMENT SIZE GUARANTEE: The product we install will cool and or heat your home to your satisfaction, or we will replace it at no charge to you.
NO SURPRISE GUARANTEE: Once the work starts the price quoted is the price you pay, even if it entails more work or materials than estimated.
CODE GUARANTEE: The installation will comply with all city, county, state, and federal codes.
ENVIRONMENTAL GUARANTEE: We guarantee that all refrigerant work performed will be done to EPA guidelines and rules.
QUALITY GUARANTEE: We guarantee that you will receive the best installation possible. The work will be done in a professional manner by trained and courteous professionals. All trash and debris will be removed and work area cleaned.
FIRST YEAR LABOR GUARANTEE: All the manufactures warranties will apply and all of our work carries a one year parts and labor warranty.
24 HOUR SERVICE GUARANTEE: If you have a service problem with your new equipment in the first year after installation, and we can’t get you heating or cooling within 24 hours of calling us, we will put you up in a hotel at no charge to you.
Those are our warranties, and we are proud of them.
Give us a call at (816) 254-5178. You’ll be glad you did.